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Our focus is on innovating in real-world utility and to assist in the adaptation to the ever changing world of new technologies as we embrace the exciting world that Web3 offers.

At Quaestrium, our mission is to push the boundaries of NFT and blockchain application to bring meaningful change. We're not just about projects; we're here to open the door to opportunities for people globally to partake in the decentralized future.

Our goal is to connect the dots between Web3 and practical applications, such as integrating NFT’s and DAO’s into sectors like the wine industry, retail, wildlife preservation, and renewable energy.

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What s special about quaestrium

Blockchain implementation

Integrate secure and transparent crypto payment solutions seamlessly into your businesses. (R.S.A. Only)

web3 training

Empowering individuals and organizations with comprehensive education on Web3 innovation. (R.S.A. Only)


Propel your Web3 projects from concept to reality with strategic guidance and technical support. (International)

why choose us


We implement, build and develop tools and projects with real-world utility and appliation.


We envision a world where wages and payments into trustless wallets and vaults are normalized.


We strive to be a forerunner and leader in the adoption of crypto, blockchain and web3 tools.

Why web3?

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19 000

active developers

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185 000

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Web3 is a new frontier, full of possibilities and challenges. Success will come to those who are willing to experiment, take risks, and learn from their mistakes.

Our Projects

A physical NFT project based on fine wines from award winning collections from South Africa.

Utilizing various web3 technologies, Wild5 opens new frontiers in wine and crypto.


A student sponsorship project for candidates who are pursuing a career in wildlife preservation and rehabilitation.

A new way of bringing people together around a worthy cause.

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Up and Coming

Currently in development, Quaestrium is exploring designs and materials that may see a massive shift in the way humanity generates energy.

In The Making

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